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Photos from my 2014 trip to France

Notre Dame Panorama

Notre Dame Panorama France Panoramas
HDR image taken with Olympus EM5 II and 12-40mm. Some slight saturation added in Photoshop


sideeffect11, op April 22, 2015

Beautiful View...

mechanicau, op April 24, 2015

Wow!!! Awesome view with great lightening.. I like it..

carrepair, op April 24, 2015

Mind Blowing.... No words to explain the beauty.

dogtrainingnh, op April 25, 2015

Such a beautiful place..

itsolutionsae, op April 25, 2015

I like this type of lightening views very much..

towingau, op April 25, 2015

It will be a great feel to visit this type of amazing place.

wyattgray5789, op August 18, 2015

I was there! but I didn't see this view from this perspective -wow it's incredible!

toollanyard, op January 4, 2017

Wow!!!what mindblowing view...

WalgreensListens, op April 22, 2019


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